A little something different!

“In ons bedrijf heeft iedereen een kleurentraining gedaan! Ja dat was echt leuk.  En best confronterend. Dat weet ik nog wel”.

Yes.... and what happened next? At your MT, on the shop floor, in the conference room, or in the office? Did you really get a step closer to your goal? .... Of you are still mostly pretending?

At WEYT, we think color training is fine. We do sometimes. And coaching with horses or a distant exclusive MT incentive; no problem, do it nicely... not with us.

We see that most people know quite well where the sticking point is. They know that they have to make the unspoken open for discussion, examine it respectfully, make choices and stick to them. But between knowing and doing there is a big -essential- difference!

We teach executives and teams to include, in addition to the substantive discussions and sociability, the real talks conduct. The conversations that, when done right, make all the difference.

WEYT brengt je van denken naar doen.

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The power of WEYT

It is precisely when things are complex, when, for example, all of the above didn't work, that we can make a difference. We aim for a clear, pragmatic approach and solutions that work.

Met ruim 20 jaar ervaring in technische-, industriële- en handelsomgevingen, kunnen we ons snel verplaatsen in jouw challenges. We hook up where you left off.

We combine business administration with the proven psychology behind leadership, group dynamics, communication and collaboration.


So that we always fit your specific situation, your needs and your capabilities.

Connected & Driven

With respect, humor, and compassion, also tackle the tough stuff.

Doing what works

Practical approaches from a solid theoretical foundation.

Complexe situaties

We put focus on the challenge and are versatile in our approach.

Our network of experts!


Lambert de Haas

Organization Developer & Owner WEYT

Where I was born, you were a farmer, a contractor or a builder. Or you were on the truck. You could do that, too.

I wanted to make something different out of it. In my own way. So I found myself curiously searching, nose-bumping and persevering in a wide variety of situations.

My experiences make me versatile, connective and driven to really make something of it.

With over 20 years of experience, I easily find my way through difficult business challenges. I work with attention to the hard process issues and the soft sides of teams and leadership.

As an entrepreneur, business administrator and organizational developer, I am most comfortable in real-world environments (engineering, industry, commerce). I facilitate clarity, choices and change from the shop floor to the boardroom table.

I find it difficult to avoid it. I am at my best when you are truly willing to develop yourself, your team and your organization.

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“3 maanden eerder dan gepland konden de externe consultants van het project af!”

Koen BrekelmansDirector Operations & Supply Chain Uniekaas Holland BV (DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH)

Wat kan WEYT voor jou doen?

MT Guidance

Develop clear focus & unity within your MT or board.


Improve team dynamics & work together to set and achieve common goals.

Leadership Development

Discover how you move yourself and others.

Training | Radical Collaboration

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