Allard Droste tells about his experiences with self-management in his organization, a metal company in Rotterdam. An inspiring story of an entrepreneur who dared to stick his neck out, let go of control and power and thus got the most out of his people and his organization. Besides the article on Allard Droste also wrote the book Semco in the polder. Ricardo Semler is the famous Brazilian and very successful entrepreneur who made his own organization (Semco) completely self-managing and thus redundant.

The role of the manager

An inspiring example from practice showing that self-managing organizations really (can) work. And it is interesting to read that the success factor does not lie with the production staff, who certainly manage very well. The success factor lies with the board and management, who must let go of control and trust the employees they have selected for a particular job.

At the end of the day there are always owners, managers and entrepreneurs who find it too difficult to really give that trust. In the end they check again, take that one decision themselves or can't resist the temptation to be the last one to speak during the meeting.

And also the abolition of the job profile and the standard assessment interview are a refreshing look at the handling of tasks, responsibilities and the performance of employees. At Allard Droste, the attention for the employee really comes first!

'If you don't conduct performance reviews or ask for reports, you keep time to walk around. We never sit at our desk doing our own thing. That's the strength.'

Getting started yourself?

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