"Hey five stars!", Tim shouts and he starts laughing. "In the windows, wow, you see that!" We park in front of our hotel in the middle of Berlin. We have just arrived. Couple of days with the family on a city trip.

An annual stress moment

The hotel we booked does not look as sleek as I expected. On the first floor in the storefront-sized windows there are huge stars and cracks. Deep pits in the middle of the glass, fanning out to close to the frame. All the windows. Heavily damaged. Across the entire width of the front. And the side. Up to halfway up the second floor, we also see a pallét of colors on a wall that should have been white.

What the fok happened here?

1.Mai, Unruhe, Anarchisten und Anti-kapitalisten, Unglaublich! I hear the small, petite, black-clad bartender say. We have a drink at the bar. He looks at the windows a little nervously.

But the windows are still in there, I say. And inside, nothing seems to be wrong. “Ja, wir haben natürlich Panzerglas. Schon zeit wir hier angefangen sind. Das wird dieser Woche alles wieder neu gemacht und aufgeräumt. Um die Türen zu schützen mieten wir jedes Jahr professionelles Sicherheitspersonal. Ich glaube das unsere Gäste und die Mittarbeiter trotzdem Stress gehabt haben.“

What a stress! What a hassle! What an annual cost!
And then it also seems like it Business as usual is.

We had fun and pleasant days in Berlin. We didn't notice any hassle or insecurity. On May 2, it was just relaxed and convivial again in the street where we stayed. And everywhere we went. As if nothing had been wrong.

What does this mean to you?

Probably there are no bricks and paint bombs throwing anarchists in front of your business. Not on May 1 and not during the rest of the year either. But there is undoubtedly hassle and stress in your organization at times? Are you aware of that? Also of what it costs? Or do you prefer to act as if nothing is wrong?

You don't want hassle and stress. Certainly not structurally.

If you want productivity and a relaxed organization, make sure your team discusses hassles and stress as soon as possible! This can be difficult at times. But it always pays off more than it costs.

Do you want to learn how to make hassles and stress negotiable? Neem contact met me op!