There is a white sports sock on the terrace. Well, almost white. White with brown underside. A used model shall we say. Size 42-44. While I have a damn muttering, I pick it up. Further along, Labradoodle Jimmy lies on the green. That's a fancy name for our bumpy turf with mowed-off dandelions. He is enjoying the lovely spring sunshine. With a sodden white sports sock in his mouth. A Brabant nondeju escapes from my mouth. I give the command "release". Another 42-44 I see. We have a combination. And that's a windfall.

Somehow, some members of Team De Haas not to follow the instructions; "Dirty socks in the laundry basket", "Sports clothes out of the bag and in the wash". Karin and I give arguments and a why in addition to instructions. Ludicrous actions, unfortunately peanut butter. In the end, the result remains unchanged. Teenagers and standard instructions seem an impossible combination. We keep trying against our better judgment. And our Jimmy loves it. He just lets go when we ask him to. Tomorrow another sock.

Do you regularly fumble with the implementation of standard instructions?  Are you fed up because your people just don't seem to understand it? Or can't you get them on board?

When there are no adolescents around, we are successful in improving and getting standards accepted. We can also help you set up and implement practical training plans. So that employees get an even better understanding of how they can contribute.

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